A mid-term goal of our platform is to build up a coherent teaching offer in medical engineering. The Federal Office for Public Health (OFSP) estimated in 2012 that there was a lack of several hundred engineers in the health professions, and that the situation was not going to evolve favorably in the next years. An environment becoming more and more complex, and new emerging technologies create an ever growing demand for specialized engineers in the health professions.

Health professionals are too always confronted to new sphisticated tools, and are challenged by the introduction of revolutionary technologies that become more difficult to master. Popular devices such as smartphone scan become tricky tools when they are not manipulated correctly, especially concerning security and confidentiality issues. Thus it seems obvious that health professionals too need a thourough introduction to information technology techniques in order to be able to master the growing complexity.

Thus, the Health-Engineering platform has initiated a reflection in order to define some stronger interactions between the two teaching orientations.

Associated document (in french)  :  Strategie HESAV-HEIG-VD

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