Investigative mammography conception



Mammography is a fast medical examination providing excellent results but it can be painful for some patients. Each breast is put under compression in two different positions. Like this, we obtain results to screen breast cancer. This disease is the highest death rate for women in Switzerland with more than 5500 new case each year.

In 2013, Coralie Perroulaz worked to define every techniques and conditions of an exam in medical radiology concerning mammography. A similar mammography device was designed. The device’s goal is to measure global compression force and also thickness and spreading surface area of compressed breast.

This Bachelor thesis presents an improved and finalised version of this prototype. The device is accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

The central structure’s mobility is performed by a motorised winch, a cable and return pulleys. The compression module’s movements are performed with an articulation system. It allows two different inclination of the compression plate to adapt to the breast morphology. The prototype has 6 degrees of liberty, which offer a big movement ability in order to position the patient.

This investigative mammography device has force sensors to define compressive force. A digital camera is installed, it’s first function is to measure the surface area of the breast in contact with the compression plate. The second function is to define the pressure distribution with a material that changes color when under constraint (birefringence).

Student : Mélissa Gonus

External respondent : Nicole Richli Meystre (HESAV)

Professor in charge : Carl Schmitt (HEIG-VD)

poster of the thesis here


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