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Work Tracker aims to facilitate workdays of profession requiring travel for interventions. It’s composed of several interconnected modules offering numerous functionnalities, both out of the office via a mobile app and on a fixed workstation via a web app.

This functionnalities are designed to simplify the everyday life of the system users, allowing them, among other things, to manage clients’ records, their personal informations or availabilities, to consult the user’s organizer and a topographic map allowing to generate an itinerary for a workday.

The itinerary is generated with a travel optimisation algorithm designed for this Bachelor thesis. The algorithm considers clients’ availabilitiy and travel time for each path in order to produce an optimal route for the workday. The results are convincing despite the problem complexity.

For the elaboration of the thesis’ specifications, the student studied the practical case of a physiotherapist working in home interventions. We want to thank Mr Damien Currat of the HESAV for his availability and expertise.

Student : Jonathan Bischof

External respondent : Stefano Ventura (Y-Parc)

Professor in charge : Markus Jaton (HEIG-VD)

poster of the thesis here


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