Applied Research Projects

Research and development projects made in the framework of the platform constitute achievements of the platform’s actors. The platform by itself doesn’t aim to decide which projects are funded (bedsides it doesn’t have any means of funding of its own at the moment), but it takes charge of the start, development and publication of the projects by using its network of skills, and by periodically organizing manifestations in both of our schools to present the achievements and broaden even more the circle of contacts.

The platform wants to play an important role for the industry and medical and healthcare institutions by offering its skills and expertise for the realization of mandates and technological transfers; the platform’s realizations are indeed very applied research oriented and are therefore immediately usable through a minimal industrialization process.

Most of the time, a Ra&D project undertaken in the framework of the platform results in a practical realization incarnated by a functional prototype that can be deployed through minimal technological transfer effort, which can be done thanks to support from funding institutions such as the CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation), or from more punctual aids, such as cantonal funding credits. Alternatively, a Ra&D project can also lead to the creation of a “start-up” society for the exploitation and commercialization of results. In this case too, the platform can, through Y-Parc’s business incubator in Yverdon-les-Bains, offer interesting services to young entrepreneurs eager to “take the plunge” !

To have at any time an as comprehensive as possible list of projects and skills available through our platform, a mobile application named Showroom:Health has been developed. It allows to keep a comprehensive and systematically updated list of projects published in the framework of our platform, and of the people likely to offer their skills to start and realize new projects. These projects can also be browsed in a more conventional manner on the research and development website.

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