November 12, 2021


This conference has the aim of presenting state-of-the-art technologies and research projects in the domain of AI for sustainable agriculture, as well as serving as a platform for networking. Whether you are a researcher/engineer interested in the domain of AI and agriculture, or a member of an international organization or NGO, or an employee of an industry of the food and agriculture sector, this conference is for you.


During their talk, Prof. Dr. Laura Elena Raileanu together with Dr. Elena Najdenovska will present the application of signal processing and machine learning algorithms on plant electrophysiological data to evaluate the health status of plants by identifying their physiological responses to environmental changes. This work is part of three research projects (funded by Innosuisse and FOAG) conducted with Agroscope, EIA-FR, and Vivent SA. The objective of these projects is to move towards automated and improved crop monitoring to increase yields while using fewer resources, thus contributing to sustainable agriculture.