The mid-term objective of the platform


Curriculum description

The HEIG-VD offers Bachelor's courses in the fields of HES-SO - Economics and Services and Engineering and Architecture - in the following three modes of training: full-time (PT) over 6 semesters and in employment (EE) or part-time (TP) over 8 semesters.

The PT, EE and TP training programmes are identical, which makes it possible, where appropriate, to switch easily from one mode to the other during the course of study.

Students in the three modes PT, EE and TP are required to take a number of courses together in a given stream. This mutual enrichment between students following different study and life paths is an additional attraction of studying at the HEIG-VD.

HESAV offers four Bachelor's degree credit courses (180 ECTS): Nursing (full-time or on-the-job), Physiotherapy, Medical Radiology Technique and Midwifery.

Students benefit from teaching based on practice and professional experience. They have the opportunity to carry out their internships in numerous public and private health care institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

HESAV integrates the interprofessional dimension into its courses and regularly organises courses between the students of the four fields of study, medicine and occupational therapy, with the aim of bringing together the different professions involved in the care of a patient.


Curriculum description

The HES-SO offers several Master's programmes in six different fields (Economics and Services, Design and Visual Arts, Engineering and Architecture, Music and Performing Arts, Health, Social Work). The Masters are complementary courses of 90 to 120 ECTS credits which offer a deepening of knowledge after the Bachelor's degree.

Continuous learning

Curriculum description

Higher vocational training allows professionals following a professional training course to specialize and deepen their knowledge. The HEIG-VD and HESAV Continuing Education Centre offer a wide range of further training courses, from courses lasting a few periods to complete postgraduate studies over several years.