December 08, 2023

Music and Emotions - A tool to create new playlists for a musical listening device in seclusion rooms in psychiatric hospitals

Cédric Bornand, HES-SO professor and R&D manager at the REDS institute at HEIG-VD, presented at the MITS in India a paper co-authored in collaboration with HESAV, CHUV and the Iwate Prefectural University. This work presents research designed to demonstrate the impact of a musical listening device in psychiatric intensive care.

The results described in this work are based on statistical data on the effect of listening to music, and on interviews with patients and caregivers. This contribution focuses on patients’ listening strategies, as well as on the way caregivers appropriate the device. We elaborate the case study first. Finally, the article points out several improvements to the system suggested by the research findings, particularly through the use of artificial intelligence.