May 2024

Personalized Application for Self-Management of Chronic Low Back Pain

The goal of this project is to design the prototype of a digital application associated with an activity tracker to help users with chronic low back pain (LBP) manage their physical activity and pain. It aims to offer a full range of functionalities to support several behavior change strategies such as personalized goal setting, monitoring, feedback, reminders and teaching of pain self-management strategies.

Organized under several headings (goal, diary, toolbox and settings), it will enable users to define and follow a precise physical activity goal, as well as monitor their activity and health data. In addition, it will provide access to resources specifically adapted to LBP, such as physical, relaxation and knowledge exercises (quizzes).

What sets this prototype apart from existing devices is its capacity for personalization: it will enable users to set their own activity goals, the activity variables collected, the health data monitored, and the frequency of notifications. What's more, it will suggest personalized activity recommendations and adjust the activity goal set by the user, thanks to the automatic processing of collected data by artificial intelligence.